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Read – Explore – Live

The Missing Link is a chance to read the ENTIRE Old Testament in 1 Month! It’s a chance to take part in various interactive experiences that will enhance your understanding of God and his Word! 

The Idea

Over the years we’ve observed how more and more people find it very difficult to read their bibles. Most of the time, we’re reading isolated verses, and so it’s hard to see the One Story of the bible clearly. It’s like sitting in front of a whole meal and eating the individual ingredients instead of everything together the way it was prepared. Of course were bored. Our question was: how can we help with a deeper understanding of the larger story of the bible? How can we help people who find it very difficult to just read through Leviticus? Can we find new creative ways of reading the scripture? How can we awaken our appetites for Gods word?Thats why were offering “The Missing Link”, a four week program where we’ll read through the whole Old Testament in all kinds of creative ways.

The goal

We’re not aiming for a complete understanding of the bible in four weeks. This is only the beginning. The goal is a renewed excitement for the Old Testament and some tools for future Bible study and reading.  To see the One Story from Genesis to Jesus will deepen your understanding of Gods salvation plan. We believe it’s the missing link to understanding the New Testament better.  Once you’ve caught the fire and want to go on with bible study, youll have tools and ideas to continue on your own or you can attend a nine-month course we offer in which you’ll study the whole bible in more detail. You can do this by joining the School of Biblical Studies.

The experience

We’ll read through all 39 Old Testament books, mostly in chronological order, but if you’re picturing four weeks of sitting in a circle around a candle reading boring books in monotonous voices, think again. We plan to involve as many senses as possible. We’ll have different settings and ways of doing this, to make it as memorable as possible, but we don’t want to give away too much at this point. There will be a general introduction into the Old Testament, the different literature styles of the Old Testament and other necessary and helpful things to know. Each book will also get a short introduction to help you get the most out of the reading. You’ll have some homework, to help you reflect on the book.

Celebrating Feasts

It’s astonishing to observe the frequency of celebrations, festivals, parties, etc., in the Bible (not just in the Old Testament). Celebrating a feast was an important way of memorizing the God story. Covenants were very often entered into through a meal and a time of celebration. We want to do that, too. Each week we will have a celebration with our whole community that centers around one of the feasts of Israel. It will be a fun time and another way of remembering the Story. We want to experience God with all our senses.
Why only the Old Testament? Originally the course was planned as an addition to our three month Bible school that focuses on the New Testament.  Most Christians have a basic understanding of the New Testament, but many have never read through the Old Testament. It’s largely unknown territory to most and we want to change that. The Old Testament was the Bible that Jesus read and quoted and it was the Bible that the early church used to guide them in their walk with God. If we understand and know the Old Testament, we can know Jesus better, too. So many things Jesus did and said can only be understood through knowledge of the Old Testament. Why was the temple so important and why did sacrifices need to be made? Why did Jesus have to die?….
FellowshipAn important part of the course will be doing things together. We won’t just read together, but share our lives with each other. Every morning will start with a devotion, worship or intercession time, which will also be connected to the books we read. The goal is to get to know our God better and serve him gladly. In the feasts, well celebrate and experience the goodness of our God. In the practical working time we can apply what weve learned as we cook and clean together.


A hunger to know more about God and his word is all that’s needed. Biblical literacy shouldn’t just be something for the professionals, but for all Christians. The course is part of the University of the Nations (pending registration), which is part of Youth with a Mission. For more information go to the about us section. If you want to receive credits with the UofN you need to have completed a DTS successfully. If you just want to come for this course, you can do that, but it will be helpful to understand the ways we as YWAM work. We have no paid full time staff. We all share the work so you’ll be helping with the practical parts of life, like cooking and cleaning.Accommodations will be dorm style and simple, but for that you’ll live in a beautiful castle! In the end, a heart hungry for God is all that’s needed. What are you waiting for? apply here!