Seminars - new - englishIn addition to The Missing Link and The Story, we welcome anyone to come and join our classes during the the School of Biblical Studies or the Discipleship Bible School as a Seminar Guest. The next DBS begins on April 22nd, 2017. Here are the upcoming seminars available to you:

DBS 2017 Schedule

May 1st-5th Pentateuch, captivity in Egypt and wilderness wandering
May 8th-12th Tribal period, the time of the judges
May 15th-19th King David and the united kingdom
May 22nd-26th The book of Kings, the divided kingdom
05/29-06/02 Early prophets (before the exile)
June 5th-9th Late prophets, the Babylonian Exile
June 12th-16th Post-exilic time, the intertestamental period, fulfillment in Jesus
June 19th-23rd Jesus and the church, the spread of the Gospel
June 26th-30th Paul, the Roman Epistle, and the early church
July 3rd-7th John and pre-gnosticism













SEMINAR DATES FOR THE SBS (starting September 2017) COMING SOON!



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