Date of next course: 2019


66 Books in 9 Months

Would you like to:

  • Know the Bible better?
  • Improve your skills in interpreting and applying the Bible?
  • Be more effective in ministry through a practical knowledge of God’s Word?

If so, then the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) is for you!


The Program of the School

The SBS begins with an introduction to the method of inductive Bible study in the form of an intensive three-week seminar. In the remainder of the first quarter, we study most of the books in the New Testament.

In the second quarter, we study the rest of the New Testament, plus Genesis through Kings. The third quarter includes the remaining books of the Old Testament. The set-up of the school is not according to themes or topics, but is based on a book-by-book study of the entire Bible.

The SBS therefore consists of three quarters of twelve weeks each. In between quarters there is one- to two-week break. It is possible to do only the first or the first two quarters.


Read what internationally renowned Bible scholars have said about the SBS!


The Inductive Study Method

The SBS is built on the inductive study method. This means we try to be listeners of Scripture; the inductive method seeks to let the Bible speak for itself, based on thorough observation of the text, rather than seeking an answer to given theological questions. During the nine months of the course, we will use this method to study each of the 66 books of the Bible. (Almost) every book will be read five times, its content and meaning will be outlined and charted. These charts are a paragraph by paragraph breakdown and analysis of the book. The school involves intensive self-study of the Bible. The three steps we will constantly apply are:

  • Observation: What does the text say?
  • Interpretation: What does the text mean?
  • Application: What does the text mean for me?

At the end of the course, you will have an overview of the content, background, historical setting and meaning of every book. You will also have a deeper insight in who God is and what his plan for mankind entails. This forms a solid foundation for a life of service in the church, missions and society.



The SBS is partnering with The Titus Project, which is a 3 month Outreach/Training school for SBS graduates that aims to equip them to use the knowledge gained in the SBS and be a great impact to the world around them. Find out more about The Titus Project here.

Date, Costs, and Location

The next SBS will take place in 2019. The exact date is still to be confirmed. Write us an email to if you are interested in this course.

Costs (including room and board) are Euro 1650,- per quarter, plus a one-time application fee of Euro 60,-. It is possible to do only the first quarter or, if you have completed the preceding quarter(-s), to join us for the second or third quarter.

The fee for the first quarter must be paid before the start of the school. The fee for the second quarter must be paid by the end of the second quarter in order to continue with the third quarter. The fee for the third quarter must be paid by the end of the school.

Students without European health insurance are required to take out an emergency insurance at a cost of 40-65 € per month.

The school will be bilingual, English and German. Prerequisite for participation is a completed Discipleship Training School.

The Castle is situated in a small village in the south of Germany (Bavaria), in a former castle (Schloss Hurlach). Students live on-base in rooms with up to seven or eight students. In addition to class, studies and community times, each student will be involved in up to ten hours of practical work. Find out more about YWAM Hurlach here.

For U of N Students

The SBS is a registered course within the University of the Nations, YWAM’s international university. 12 credits are awarded for each completed quarter (36 for the entire SBS).


Information on the application procedure and downloadable forms you can find here.


“A thorough knowledge of the Bible is worth more than a college education.”

Theodore Roosevelt (former president of the USA)