The SBS and the BCC are ‘Bible’ schools in the truest sense of the word, with a radical concept: in three or nine months, the students make their way through each book of the Bible. Even though this offers a strong foundation for ministry, it is not intended as a substitute for a broader education stretching over several year.

For this reason, the SBS and the BCC are set up in such a way that you can continue to build on it. The school is an integrated part of the University of the Nations (U of N), the international and missions-oriented university of Youth With A Mission. All U of N courses offered worldwide can be used to complement SBS and BCC. Eventually, these courses can lead to an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degree. [Note: The U of N is a degree-granting institution. However, even though various accredited institutions throughout the world accept U of N transfer students and credits, the U of N has not applied for accreditation in any nation’s educational system.]

The only requirements for pursuing a degree through the U of N are, next to a commitment to Christ and his way of life, that you must first have completed a Discipleship Training School and that you must have a High School diploma or its equivalent. Regardless of whether you are considering pursuing a degree, our training programs may help you get ready for God’s call on your life, starting with as little as a three-month investment. Here are a few possibilities:

DTS (6 Months) + SBS (9 Months)

The Discipleship Training School is the basic course every YWAM staff worker and every student in the U of N has to complete. The course consists of a three-month lecture phase and a ten- to twelve-week outreach. Focus of the school are discipleship and missions. The Hurlach DTS starts in September and in January. Further information on the Hurlach DTS will be sent on request or can be found here 

DTS and SBS together form a powerful combination in preparation for living a Christian life!

“Associate of Arts” Degree (2-3 Years)

If you want more, there are many possibilities to add to the DTS + SBS foundation. By adding three months of SBS outreach and two additional three-month courses, you qualify for an Associate of Arts Degree. This can be extended to a four-year Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Some of the courses available are:

  • Communication and the Biblical View of Man (three months). This school is offered in Burtigny, Switzerland, and in South Africa.
  • School of Biblical Christian Worldview (three months). This school is offered in Hurlach and in Wiler, Switzerland.
  • School of Frontier Missions (with outreach, six months).
  • Introduction to Biblical Counseling (three months, with internship six months). Chatel, Switzerland, is one of several locations offering this course.
  • School of Biblical Teaching and Preaching (with outreach, six months).
  • Directed Reading in Biblical Studies (three months). This tutored reading program is offered in Hurlach on demand.

And there are many, many more options available to you!! Find out more about the UofN and what courses are available to you here


“I prayed for faith and thought it would strike me like lightening. But faith did not come. One day I read, “Now faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God”. I had closed my Bible and prayed for faith. I now began to study my Bible and faith has been growing ever since.”

D. L. Moody