HL_00113_Route66Route 66 is the legendary highway connecting Chicago with LA. It was completed in the nineteen-fifties and quickly became a symbol for the freedom and mobility a new generation was claiming. 66 also happens to be the number of books in the Bible. Therefore, Route 66 here represents a journey through each of these 66 books and a strategy for reading them.


Fact is, many have started this journey of reading through the Bible, often more than once, and have never finished it. Even with good helps, like a one-year Bible or a good schedule, it is not easy to keep up the required daily discipline.

Therefore, the idea of Route 66 is that Christians get together in small groups and meet once a week for two hours of reading. Even big books can be conquered in just two of such meetings. In one year, one makes it through the entire Bible. In addition, readers gain an overview over individual books that is hard to get when a few chapters are read each day.

The text of an information sheet about such Route 66 Bible Reading Groups can be found here.