“Induction” is a production of the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Germany. It is a series of publications designed to help you in your personal Bible study and in understanding important biblical themes. Induction aims to be a bridge between evangelical scholarship and the church. The name points to inductive Bible study, an approach to Scripture that puts the individual documents within the Bible in the center and seeks to hear what they intend to communicate. It also seeks to understand things within the context of the entire Bible, rather than through a collection of Bible verses. Inductive Bible study is the foundation for this series. So far, two volumes have been completed; both are also available in German. Contact us

As part of our “Induction” series (see below), we offer the following publications:

Induction 1: How to Study the Bible for Yourself

The first volume in the series contains a simplified version of the method and principles we use in the SBS. Its aim is to help you strengthen you personal Bible study and so enrich your relationship with God. We have brought a variety of approaches together and kept it practical. 33 pages, size A4. Price: Euro 6,- plus postage.

Induction 2: The Still Great Planet Earth

In 1970 Hal Lindsey published an obituary:“The Late Great Planet Earth”. His sensational interpretation of biblical prophecy became an absolute bestseller. However, it proved to be premature. The “late” planet Earth is still here.

The second volume in our “Induction”series takes a critical look at this and other forms of popular prophecy belief. It basically provides you with a map or a guide, so you can find your way through the jungle of end-time theories. It discusses each of the four main views and the scenario of the end times to which they adhere, to help you figure out your own beliefs

This topic is not just of academic interest. The way we understand the end times greatly affects how we interpret Scripture. It also determines the way we see our role in society and the way we live life in the present.

Since international postage in Germany makes it too expensive to mail this publication overseas, we have now made the “Still Great” available for downloading in pdf format (readable with the Acrobat Reader) on a donation basis. If you want to, you can first take a look at the Table of Contents and a sample.

Great Books!

Our selection of Great Books! is worth looking at. It includes many books that can help you in your personal reading and study of Scripture.