Download “The Still Great Planet Earth”

Download “The Still Great Planet Earth”

Before you download the “Still Great” you need to know this: you may print it, in parts or in its entirety, and you may copy the file and pass it on, both for non-commercial use only, and provided that the material is not modified or edited in any way.

I am making this material available free of charge. However, Franziska and Wilrens continue to “live by faith”, trusting God and our friends for the income we need; we do not receive a salary. So if you like this material and would like to make a donation, we won’t have anything against it. But don’t worry about it if you don’t want to or aren’t able to. Okay, now go ahead and download “The Still Great Planet Earth”:

in A4 format

in letter format

Both files are in pdf format and circa 0.9 Mb.

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