The Bible Department Team:

Irene Kornelsen - Bible Department Leader

Irene (Germany) came to Hurlach in 2003 to do the DTS. Afterwards she joined Mercy Ships and served on the Anastasis ship in Western Africa for two years, bringing medical help to those in need. During that time she felt the need to get to know the Word of God better. She came back to Hurlach to do an SBS in 2005. Then she stayed on as staff and has been leading the Bible Department since 2013. Irene's vision is to spread Bible study opportunities in Germany and Europe for people to develop a solid foundation in their faith and make a difference in society.

Manuel Freischlad - DBS Leader

Even though Manuel (Germany) grew up on the missions field, he never dreamed that one day he would be a missionary himself... until God called him to do a DTS in 2008. Afterwards he moved to the Hurlach Castle to work with youth groups, and there he also met his wife Ticiany. Together they did a School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW) in Hurlach and also an SBS in Montana, USA (2012-13). Then they lived in Ticiany's home country Brazil for a couple of years and moved back to the Hurlach castle in the fall of 2015. Manuel and Ticiany have two lively daughters, Lucie and Laura. Manuel wants everyone to get a good grasp on the Bible and through it discover God's limitless love for themselves and the whole world.

Mark Biedler - DBS Leader

Mark (Canada) did his Discipleship Training School (DTS) in 2011/12 in Herrnhut, Germany. Then in 2012/13 he did the School of Biblical Studies (SBS) in Kona, Hawaii with an outreach to Fiji and Samoa. Back in Kona, Mark then staffed a Discipleship Bible School (DBS) in the spring of 2015 before coming to Hurlach in July of the same year to join the Hurlach Castle's Bible Department. Mark's passion is to see people walking out the truths they find in the Bible.

Binu Alexander - DBS and SBS Staff

Binu (India) did his DTS in Lonavala, India, in 2006. Afterwards he was a YWAM staff and completed further training courses such as the SBS, the Biblical Teaching and Preaching School (BTPS), and the Family Ministry School (FMS). For three years, Binu and his wife Shyni worked with the SBS in Wiler, Switzerland. Binu and Shyni have a cheerful daughter, Hannah. During the last four years, they were serving the Lord in India. Binu has completed a Master of Theology in Missions, while Shyni is a nurse by profession. Binu and Shyni are very happy to join YWAM Hurlach. They both desire to experience God on a deeper level through His Word and to see the Bible’s impact on everyday life and the nations.

Leona Musa - DBS Staff

Leona (Nigeria) comes from a family of 24 children. She graduated with a diploma in banking and finance from the University of Jos and then worked in banking and business until God called her into missions in 2011. Leona served with YWAM in Nigeria in the field of discipleship for some years, then God called her to leave her comfort zone and move to Germany. Her aim is living out the kingdom of God in a passionate relationship with God, because out of this place comes the fragrance of transformation which Germany and the entire world is in need of right now. In 2012 God stirred Leona’s heart to join the mercy ministry team in Hurlach, Love@Work, which allowed her to reach out to refugees in the area.

Stefan Münker - SBS Staff

More information to come soon!


We are very excited about the team that is growing together for this new season. Some more wonderful people are getting ready to move to the Hurlach Castle and join the Bible Department. So, look out for new faces on this page...!

We want to change the way Christians in Germany read and study the Bible.