OUR LOCATION: It’s a castle…


Seite 3(…) a few days later the phone rang. It was Don. “Loren, I think we’ve found a place for the printing press – and a thousand kids!”

“Yeah? That’s great, what is it? A warehouse? A camp?”

“Well, no … it’s a castle.”

As he said the word castle, I heard that inner click. It was preposterous, but as Don described the castle that was for sale, I knew it was for us. When Don hung up I prayed about whether we were to buy the castle and began to grasp further vision that this facility was not just for the Olympics but for a permanent German base. Every hour the quiet “yes” inside me grew bigger. –Loren Cunningham in “Is That Really You, God?”


The castle (Schloss in German) God called YWAM to buy in 1972 is located in the village of Hurlach, a small village in Bavaria, Germany. Bavaria is Germany’s largest and most self-confident Bundesland, known for its beer and Lederhosen (leather trousers) but also increasingly as the New Technology center of Germany. Hurlach is located in the Lech Valley, about 10 kilometers away from Landsberg, a beautiful old city on the banks of the river. On clear days, the Alps (about 60 kilometers away) can be seen. Major cities nearby are Augsburg (30 km) and Munich (60 km). Check out the map here:


“Schloss Hurlach”

IMG_0834The main building was constructed toward the end of the 16th century by the Fugger family, at the time one of the wealthiest in all of Europe. In 1899 it was purchased by the Von Schnurbein family, which renovated and extended it. In 1972 YWAM bought the castle as accommodation for the Munich Olympics outreach, in which a thousand young people participated. This was the beginning of YWAM Germany, which makes Hurlach the second-oldest base in YWAM worldwide.

More pictures of the Castle and of Hurlach can be found on the YWAM Hurlach website or on Facebook.

Travel Information

When traveling by car, the castle is easy to find: it towers over the village and can be seen from afar. When coming from the south, take exit Landsberg Nord/Kaufering on the A96 and turn towards Kaufering (B17). Several kilometers after passing Kaufering, turn left at the sign ‘Hurlach’. When coming from the north or west, take exit Augsburg West/Landsberg on the A8 and drive south on the B17. After about 30 km, turn right at the sign ‘Hurlach’.

When coming by train, travel to either Kaufering or Schwabmünchen. We can pick you up from there.

When traveling by plane, you have 2 options:

  1. Munich Airport. From there, take the ‘S-Bahn’ (look for the S8) to “Munich Pasing” Station, and from there the train to Kaufering, from where we can pick you up. This takes about 1.5 hours.
  2. Memmingen Airport. From Memmingen, take the Allgäu Airport Express to Landsberg am Lech. From there we can pick you up. This takes about an hour.

Contact Information

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